The history and working principle of cold pier machine

The history and working principle of cold pier machine

Cold heading machine history and working principle The world’s first cold heading machine from Germany. At that time the development of cold heading machine is mainly for the purpose of a large number of World War II when the large number of shells cold heading process

(1) According to the theory of metal plastic deformation, at room temperature on the metal blanks to exert a certain pressure, so that in the cavity produced plastic deformation, according to the provisions of the shape and size.

(2) must choose high quality “plastic change” good metal materials, such as riveting screw steel, its chemical composition and mechanical properties have strict standards.

(3) cold heading bolts, nut forming machinery has many models, multi-series models. Equipment performance is reliable, high efficiency, product quality and stability.

(4) product forming upsetting force, configuration power, equipment, a large investment. So the production specifications M24 below the most economical.

(5) have better surface quality, higher dimensional accuracy. Due to the process of upsetting there is cold hardening, deformation should not be too large. Reduce cracking.

(6) cold heading process applicable to the bulk of large, all kinds of specifications of the product, so as to reduce costs. Modern cold heading machine has been increased from the past two simple stations to more than the current domestic newer varieties are 6 mold, 7 mold, 8 mold and other long cold heading machine, is the blank of the special cold heading equipment, On the material through the roller feed, and then followed by cutting, pressure ball, pressure angle, punching, forming six processes, a machine can be automatically completed, for batch or professional production of production of standard parts and a large number of manufacturers Large and medium-sized enterprises using standard nuts. Note: According to user requirements special production of seven stations, eight stations and other non-standard automatic cold heading machine. Multi-station automatic nuts Cold heading machines are arranged horizontally. Using cold-drawn plate material by cutting, the first punch, fine red, and other processes to produce finished products. This product is the most advanced models, can produce all kinds of special-shaped pieces, especially with the hole of the special parts and standard nut production, with high precision (diameter tolerance 0.03mm, diameter 0.03mm) speed Fast (80-240 per minute), and the production of smaller sound, fully sealed production to make production safer and cleaner.

Safety operation procedure for cold heading machine

1. Do not wear gloves to operate cold heading machine.

2. Before driving, you must carefully check whether the fastening of the equipment is tight, the safety device is intact, and the work should be checked regularly to prevent the vibration and loose, resulting in accidents.

3. After the equipment is adjusted, first pull the flywheel, check the work of the agencies are normal, to be removed after the switch with the trigger, before starting the motor. Do not pull the side of the car, while starting the motor.

4. Before driving all the breakdown should be ruled out, and for short time after the air, before the test upsetting.

5. Equipment in operation, the operator should stand in a safe position, is strictly prohibited in the concave mold at the workpiece, only in the bottom to view the product.

6. In the replacement of products, you must carefully adjust the mold and punch, and carefully check the components are normal.

7. In the production process, in the event of failure, you must immediately stop, identify the reasons to eliminate hidden dangers. Brake failure, driving is strictly prohibited.

8. The bumper (bumper) must be fitted with a protective device to prevent rupture. All protective devices shall not be disassembled or lost.


1, crankshaft and the body, the impact of connecting rods are used in Sweden imported bearings and high wear-resistant alloy copper tile connection, flexible operation, bearing capacity, long life, low maintenance costs.

2, the body with the addition of alloy made of ductile iron 500, high tensile strength, good wear resistance.

3, equipped with brake to reduce motor power consumption.

4, cutting system using guide plate drive cutter rod, guide reciprocating motion, cutting force straight line transmission, large stability and good dynamic balance.

5, the clamp system can be 180 degrees flip or translation. Conducive to forming process arrangements.

6, equipped with frequency control device, can be in a certain range of speed.

7, equipped with fault detector and safety protection device, equipment failure automatically shut down, to give equipment and mold the largest protection.

8, the feed box to install the thrust device to improve the feeding accuracy.

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