What are the materials for the cold heading machine?

Currently used for cold heading machine material, in many materials, the longest is divided into two categories: a black metal and nonferrous metals two categories.

Cold heading machine materials are ferrous metals mainly include steel, carbon and some other materials. From the process point of view, the use of steel in the habit of the following classification methods.

According to the quality of steel sub-ordinary carbon steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, special cold heading machine steel, alloy steel; according to the composition of low-carbon steel, carbon steel, high-carbon steel, special steel; Boiling steel.

Cold heading machine Non-ferrous metal materials: aluminum, copper and its alloys and other materials. Domestic commonly used copper grades are T1, T2, etc., and more for upsetting rivets, contact screws and other electrical parts. Common copper alloy with zinc brass H62, tin brass HSn62-1, lead brass HPb63-3, hardness 40-65Hv0.2 or 60-85 Hv0.2 for wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant fasteners, upsetting Rivets, machine screws, nuts and other special performance fasteners.

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